Smoking Cessation

Using hypnosis can be a successful and permanent solution for quitting smoking.  As the cost of cigarettes and tobacco products continue to rise, quitting smoking now makes more sense if just for the cost savings.

Some of the Hypnosis Success Center’s clients smoked two to three packs a day, sometimes more.  At an average of $5.00 per pack this equates to $450.00 a month (3 packs/day).  This is for one person.  If their spouse, or partner, also smokes a pack per day this increases to $600.00 per month for cigarettes.  This is a mortgage payment for many people!  That money could certainly be put to better use.

Almost everyone is aware of the health issues around tobacco products.  But tobacco users continue to use tobacco anyway.  Why do they continue to use tobacco?  Most of my clients say cigarettes (or chew) don’t taste good and they hate the smell and taste.  They understand that smoking and chewing is growing more and more socially unacceptable.  They very seriously want to quit and are very frustrated with their failed attempts to quit.  They do not understand the underlying reasons for why people can’t quit using tobacco.

There are many reasons for why attempts to quit fail.  The most serious reason for failure to quit arise from traumatic events that occurred in the past.  For example, a young boy had an abusive father who smoked.  This young boy takes on a belief system that his father is tough and nobody abuses him because he is tough and smokes cigarettes.  The boy’s belief system now supports the belief that smoking equals being tough and others will not assault him because he smokes.  Smoking makes him feel safe.  This belief was anchored to the trauma he experienced from his abusive father.  No matter how many times he tries to quit whether or not he is using smoking cessation products, his chances to permanently quit are thwarted because of this anchored belief.  He will only be successful when he resolves the issues around his father and changes his erroneous belief system.

Not all tobacco users have past traumatic experiences that prevent them from quitting.  Some start simply because it was the socially acceptable thing to do and peer pressure.  For many of these people smoking simply became a habit.  This group is the easiest to treat.  Most of the people that fall into this category can quit with only one to four hypnosis sessions.

To be successful at quitting to use tobacco products a person must want to quit for their own reasons.  Not because their doctor, spouse,  friend or anyone else wants them to quit.  A person must accept responsibility for their problem and take action for their reasons, not someone else’s.  Once they accept responsibility their chances to successfully quit are greatly increased whether or not they choose to seek outside help.  Many people have quit on their own and remained free of tobacco without outside intervention.  The desire and intention to quit are paramount to success.  So, if you are ready to quit now, contact HSC for a free consultation.

See the Stress Management page for information on stress.  Reducing and controlling stress plays a major part!

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