The Hypnosis Success Center offers classes and workshops to learn and practice a special form of meditation.  Clients are taught a form of self-hypnosis that instantly places them in a deep state of peaceful relaxation.  Then, during the learning phase, they explore several methods of practicing meditation.  These methods include:

  1. Using creative visualization
  2. Using sounds
  3. Using affirmations
  4. Using the Six Logical Levels of NLP

Meditation is one of the best stress busters.  Regular practice of meditation lowers stress levels and increases the efficiency of the immune system.  In the US, stress levels tend to run high.  Over time these high stress levels depress our immune systems which increases the frequency of illness and diseases.

Immune system efficiency is inversely proportional to stress.  As stresses increase the efficiency of the immune system decreases.  Everyone has many forms of harmful bacteria and viruses in their body.  As long as the immune system is functioning at high enough levels, these bacteria and viruses are kept in check.  When stresses increase and are maintained at higher levels, the immune system starts to depress and weakens.  This is when the bacteria and viruses can get a foothold and cause illness and disease.  Practicing meditation for a few minutes once or twice a day helps to keep the stress levels down and the immune system elevated.

Learning mediation in a group setting provides the best learning experience.  Participants have the opportunity to share their experiences after each short practice meditations during the learning phase.  Then the group chooses a technique to use during a longer group meditation.

If you would like to schedule a group meditation workshop, contact the Hypnosis Success Center to discuss your needs and get answers to any questions you may have.